Maybe you are just thinking of visiting such a place like Hanoi. I spent there a few days for curiosity (tourism) and attended a yoga course. I had a great time! So I decided to talk about it below, specifically about the necessary or unusual information about Hanoi which you cannot miss it!

Video VLOG of visiting Hanoi’s Chaos and the Ice skating!

My friend and I, we decided to meet in Hanoi and from there, travel around!

What can you do in Hanoi?

I believe that there are plenty of things what to discover if you stay there longer than a short period. We don’t have many days to stay in the foggy city (if you have, you might be lucky). So I’ve chosen the most exciting places for viewing (understanding their culture) and the action (not to get bored). I like to be very active when I am abroad.

Hanoi's street where you can see a train on the trails.
Imagine, a train is going through houses! The train street is located between Le Duan and Kham Tien street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

Historical and popular touristic places 

If you are going to spend a couple of days in Hanoi, in this case, you shouldn’t miss those historical places: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Old Quarter, West Lake, Hanoi Flagtower, Thang Long Imperial Citadel, One Pillar Pagoda, Hanoi Opera House, Ho Chi Minh Museum etc.

A bunch of people who are drinking coffee on the rail.
If you like typical Vietnamese coffee, go to Xom Tau (Caffee and drinks) on P. Nguyen Du. People went back to their little tables to continue drinking delicious coffee. 

The places which I wrote above, those are usually temples, the saint pagodas or Huge culture buildings. The areas are not even far from each other. So in one day (maybe in two days), you can discover it all.

Why are there many pagodas and war museums?

Hanoi, as you might know, has an intense history. Mostly about a military war between Vietnam and the USA. So if you are a fan of that, you will be satisfied with the War museums. With my friend, we wondered because there wasn’t any evidence about their culture history but only about Military action. I attended more Museums in Saigon where I was a bit shocked.

Regarding Pagodas, there is also interesting information about it. Vietnam is a very religious place. The number one is Buddhism, and I experienced it while I was attending a Vietnamese funeral. I can also say that Vietnam used to be part of the Chines empire so the building might seem to chines architecture.

You can see Hanoi's Mausoleum Ho Chi Minh. A huge building where you can see green threes and two guards.
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum alias the resting place of Vietnamese Revolutionary leader & President Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The most unusual and exciting action places to discover in Hanoi

Finally, suppose you like to have plenty of fun with the Vietnamese people and do some action. In that case, I do recommend you to visit places like Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre, LOTTE Observation Deck, Hồ Tây Water Park, Thu Le Zoo Hanoi, Vincom Ice Rink and Vietnam Golf Tours.

Shopping with Ice Skating!

If you also like shopping, you must go to Vincom Ice Rink! Apart from that, there is a vast shopping centre, a massive building with so many lights. You can also go with your partner or kids, to ice skate (Check it in my youtube video how it looks like). Vietnamese imagination does not have limits :).

See exotic animals, Remarkable puppet performance or play real golf!

If you want to experience a culture thing about Vietnam history, you can visit Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre! Unusual performance on the water without any humans and dragon fights!

Or if you want to see animals like Indochinese tiger, Siberian tiger, clouded leopard, gibbons or elephants. Check Thu Le Zoo Hanoi! Sometimes I like to visit Asian’s ZOO where I can discover animals which I have never known before.

An extraordinery shop in Hanoi's shopping center
If you watched the video from the beginning, you could understand a bit :). Somehow you can find an exciting shop in Vietnam where you can have so much fun and creativity!

Regarding Golf, Vietnamese people like to show off. They always copy foreigners whatever they do; they must have it, especially from famous Americans golf stars (there are also many people from the USA. So if you get bored in Hanoi’s jungle, you can try Vietnam Golf Tours.

How can you travel through chaotic Hanoi city?

My friend had land to Hanoi, and the first thing what he said was, we were not going by motorbike at all! I rather pay Taxi all the time! Yes, it’s so bad for someone who has never experienced Asia, Vietnam! But don’t worry, there is always a solution!

Get very cheap cheap and safe solution called GRAB

If you are young and brave enough, you can use GRAB! There are many drivers with whom you can go with. Not even a bike, also cars are available. It’s very cheap cheap!

You can pay by card or cash. I have never experienced such a cheap service! The drivers are mostly students who like to talk with you to improve their English.

You can see to people (A driver of motorbike - Grab company) and me (Lubomir is smilling)
It’s always fun to take a Grab! You never know who will be your driver!

Download Grab for android.

Download Grab for iOS.

Is it expensive in Hanoi?

Generally, when it comes to money in Vietnam, you will not spend on accommodation, food or entertainment a lot at all. My friend and I, we spent there 3 days, and we paid 150 euro for two people which was ridiculously cheap comper to other capital cities.

Cost of Living Comparison Between Hanoi, Prague and London

  • A Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course costs in London 77.49 $ (Prague – 34.36 $) and in Hanoi 17.25 $.
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) in London 3.62 $ (Prague – 1.03 $) and in Hanoi 0.30 $.
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre in London 2,227.50 $ (Prague – 837.47 $) and in Hanoi 350.03 $
  • Average Monthly Net Salary (After Tax) in London 3,671.47 $ (Prague – 1,342.05 $) and in Hanoi 440.45 $.

Source of Cost of Living.

What kind of currency can you find there?

Before you go to Vietnam, be ready for totally different currency to the rest of the world. The inflation is so high there that you will feel like a king. Do not forget cash with you all the time. Vietnam is not developed yet for using debit cards or credit cards. But what they like are dollars. If you go to any markets, you can get dollars for a good fix rate; otherwise, banks are always open.

You can find there Vietnamese Dong with international shortcut VND. The notes are dived accordingly VND 1,000, VND 2,000, VND 5,000; VND 10,000, VND 20,000, VND 50,000; VND 100,000, VND 50,000, VND 200,000, VND 500,000 and VND 1 000 000.

The value of 1$ is 23,177.00 VND

How I earned the first million dong in Vietnam

If you look at the video above, you will see how I lived in Vietnam from the begging (I lived there for almost two years) (Apartment, daily life, talking Vietnamese, etc.).

What kind of accommodation should you look for?

As I have mentioned, Hanoi, Vietnam in general, is cheap! So you can afford a nice luxury or extraordinary apartment. You can also look at, but I prefer Airbnb apartments. If you watched my video, you saw a very uncommon flat with Vietnamese culture! They treat their tourist well, so you do not have to be afraid at all!

 A traveller is showing the Airbnb apartment in Hanoi City. Old Vietnamese furniture and an old tv with many pictures on the wall around.
We booked Airbnb room which was pretty old fashion, don’t you think?

When I was in Saigon (0.49 sec in the video), I stayed in my Vietnamese yoga friend’s apartment, and it was crazy! It was one room without a bed. When you lied on the ground, you could hear Vietnamese people parking their motorbikes. So in Hanoi, you can afford a totally different level!

Enjoy your journey in Hanoi!