This trip was unbelievable, exciting and funny. Why? I met a crazy Indian group and even an English guy who could speak the Czech language. Apart from that, I’ve seen beautiful landscape, had a super good hot bath and I could experience such strong Indian tobacco and weed.

If you have a look at the video, you will figure it out what I am talking about! By the way, I got there from Haridwar’s bus station and I was in the bus 8 to 12 hours.

Czech traveller in Vashisht and Kasol – Travelling video experience

How to plan such a trip to Vashisht and Kasol

It was an interesting story about how I ended up in Vashisht. I was sitting in the coffee and suddenly a stranger came who told me about a beautiful and chill place called Vashisht. He told me about hot springs and that there were not many people. Honestly, he was right! No people, morning and evenings hot bath and very cheap accommodation!

You can see little houses and the nature around at Vashisht on the mountain.
You can see in the picture a view of the beautiful nature around the city when you enter the village of Vashisht.

I was there from 6 April 2019 to 10 of April. I can recommend you that time because you can get a good price for a room with a nice view of the mountain. The price for one night was not even $8 which is ridiculously cheap. Why is it so cheap? It’s still winter and some places might be closed.

You can see a beautiful view of Himachal Pradesh (mountains covered by snow) from the hotel (Vashisht) where I stayed.
Every morning I had an Indian tea (Chai) with a beautiful view of the Indian landscape. If you want to see a typical indian tea, check this video from Rishikesh.

What you can do in Vashisht

If you only want to relax in Vashisht, of course, you can! But if you like discovering new places like beautiful waterfalls (Magic waterfall, Jogini Falls) or surrounding cities like Kasol, or Kullu Manali, you are more then welcomed! The cities are surrounded by mountains and little hot springs close by. If you watch the video, you will see part of it.

Beautiful Waterfall called Jogini Falls. You can see lots of water falling from the rock.
If you are curious about what is around Vashisht, you can discover such a beautiful waterfall.

You can hire a guide to see beautiful mountains

If you come in the summer to Vashisht or any other cities around, you can see beautiful and the most famous mountains in India. I found the guide when I was eating in the restaurant at Vashisht. We agreed that he would show me the places and I would pay him the travel. They are not demanding when it comes to money.

On the top, you can see a mountain covered by snow and in the middle green trees and on the bottom river. The picture was taken in Kasol.
You can see beautiful colors of Indian nature. I took this picture when I was with the Indian guider in Kasol.

If you are not lucky like me, I recommend you to visit any travelling and rental shops in Vashishst. For example Bike Rentals Manali, there you can get recommendation for any attractions around and guiders who can take you there.

You can see the mountains covered by snow and also mountains without the snow. There is also green grass where are two beautiful horses (Kullu Manali). You can see that India has much different weather climate.
It was on the top at Kullu Manali. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Opening times for hot springs in Vashisht

I’ve mentioned that there are such amazing hot springs. There are two places where you can go: Vashisht temple and Vashisht baths. Vashisht temple is open every day from 6 am to 9 pm (More early you go fewer people you can find). Vashisht Baths: From 6 am to 9 pm evening.

Indian smiling kids and men are having bath in Vashisht Baths.
Imagine taking pictures in Europe at the public swimming pool, would people smile as well? The photo was taken early morning in Vashisht Baths.

Trust me when you start going there, you will love it and it’s a super healthy experience.

You can see the public bath at Vashisht Temple.
This is at Vashisht Temple, and it was taken in the middle of the day (not many people there). It doesn’t make a sense to go there in the hot weather, better in the morning when it’s cooler.

Where to go eat in Vashisht and catch the Wifi

I believe that we all like eating, right? I have visited a few exciting restaurants in Vashisth like Rangoli Rooftop cafe and Big Fish. I’d gone there because I was able to catch the Wifi (be ready that you will have a connection problem with the outside world in Vashisht). Not only because of the wifi, but the food was also tasty and delightful. The service was also friendly so you could enjoy your food and stay longer.

If you are planning to stay there longer, for example, 7 days, you will be able to discover more eating places.

The way how Indian man is cooking Jalebi (Sweet and cheap dish from India). He is cooking it on the dirty pen where he is creating a particular shape.
When we were going to Kullu Manali, we had stopped for a snack called Jalebi (more info about Jalebi in the food video).

Where to find weed or special tobacco in Vashisth

There is one more information which can be useful for someone of you and it’s finding a weed or tobacco in Vashisth. You can just ask locals or find a person called Mango Baba. He will be very helpful with offering such a threshold of their hometown. Many tourists go there (Vashisth, Manali) and smoke weed with him. There is a little square close to Vashisht temple where many Indian like Mango Baba are sitting, enjoying their chill time and waiting for tourists.

An woman in middle age is smoking a joint in Kasol.
I took the picture in Kasol while I was parting with the guider and his friends. Let’s say; it was a great party!

I hope you will enjoy the journey like I did!