Japanese people are fascinating; they are accommodating, thoughtful and humble. But when it comes to speaking English, you might face a problem so rather gather info before going to Japan.

Generally, there is a language barrier between Asian countries and European countries. But in this article, I will share with you a few things which might be helpful for you for understanding the culture, choosing a suitable destination and getting tricks for a comfortable money-wise journey!

The social unusual video vlog from Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto

Before going through this text, look at the unusual travelling video from Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto.

Why unusual travelling video?

Whenever I go, I always concentrate on people. People are making my life way more interesting than without them (Right, we are social people, it should be standard). Why do I also do that? I get the most information on the way! I am lazy to do homework before going there.

Do not be afraid of going to Japan; people are friendly

So if you looked at the video, you saw how I interacted with them. People from Asia (in general, they look at white people like on lollipops) are always charmed by me (I am not an Asian person), so they always try to help me whatever I want or need.

It is better to stay longer than 14 days.

They might be not very helpful if you ask them deeper about their lives. They show so much from their first expression, but that’s it. It would help if you stayed longer as I did in Vietnam (Vietnamese and Japanese people are similar with emotional needs). Then you would start seeing their real faces, and you start understanding them.

Four beautiful Japanese girls :).
If you like to go even further with Japanese culture, they will appracite it for sure :).

How to stay longer in Japan and earn money while travelling

The guy in the video, his name is Joe. His brother had taught English there (That’s how we got the best tips to explore exciting places), So if you are good at English, it is an excellent way to stay longer and live life and meet the locals (English teachers in Japan earns up to 4500 euros).

If you want to explore more exciting places than tourists, ask Facebook groups of foreigners living in Japan in your language. They are always ready to recommend or even accompany you.

Japan is expensive compared to other Asian countries, so how to survive and how much money to bring in?

If we compare the cost of living in Japan (you need 921 euros monthly to be able to eat, sleep and have fun) to other Asian countries, “we might get a wallet shock.” We don’t need to compare it with the other Asian countries; you can compare it with the Czech Republic (574 euros monthly) and realize that you must save lots of money before going to Japan.

So I recommend you save at least 2 000 euros for a comfortable trip. If you are going there for two weeks, it will be enough, trust me.

Check the number numbeo.com for the local prices and calculate your ordinary life on holiday, with life in Japan.

A view from the ground to the top of Umeda Sky Building in Osaka.
The cost of Japanese life might corespond with futuristic Umeda Sky Building in Osaka.

Which destination to choose from the beginning of your journey

I have been only in 3-4 major cities like Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto. It was a beautiful trip with many options to see. So it’s good to research what exactly you want to see and feel it. But there are a few hints:

Great touristic tips to see in Osaka City

  • Feel and see the futurist life in Osaka and go to the Umeda Sky building!
  • Get some cultural things from Osaka castle!
  • Eat some fresh and typical food from Kuromon Market!
  • See how Japanese people lived way before and visit the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living!
  • Or go back to your childhood dream and catch some pokemon in Pokemon Center!

Extraordinary destinations in Hiroshima City

Who doesn’t know what happened in Hiroshima before, right? On 6 August 1945, an American B-29 bomber dropped the bomb on Hiroshima city. It’s a big touristic thing to go there and see the building “Atomic Bomb Dome” which has never fallen since then.

Atomic Bomb Dome from Hiroshima City.
Like everyone else who ever been to Hiroshima City, took a picture of Atomic Bomb Dome!

Or wonderful Itsukushima Island where you can see an unusual gate Itsukushima Shrine!

There are many magical places for European or even American people like you. There is a hint; google it. Google places in the City you are going in or ask locals/Facebook groups.

Two ladies on the bike in Hiroshima City.
A typical calm day of Hiroshima city :).

What you should experience while you are in Japan (Summary)

I was impressed by the atmosphere (Chill and safe energy – Yin Energy in Kyoto), food (You can find better food than Shushi – Hiroshima Okonomiyaki) and culture (Mentality of people – humble people) itself. Everything was organized and clean. It was only one country where I have been to where I experienced cleanliness.

It can be sad, but it’s true. So wherever you go in Japan, it will be an experience, trust me!

But it’s also a cold country as well if you compare it with India (Let’s find balance at least, maybe in the Czech Republic?).

The next trip to Japan is in the year 2023 (I will see Mt Fuji or Tokio), we will see! So follow my blog or Youtube channel! Thank you for the reading time.