From the beginning, I thought that a trip to Taiwan on a motorbike approximately 1800-2000 km (we’d got lost as well) would be boring and not really surprising, but…

As you might see in the video, it looked funny and full of nature, surprisingly gorgeous! We spent 8 days on motorbikes and it was a bit tiring, but it was worth it! Let’s talk about some useful advice and places, which you don’t know about and shouldn’t miss.

What you need to rent a motorbike in Taiwan

Simply, if you want to go there, you need a motorbike. Those are the things which you need to bring with you in order to get the motorbike:

  • International driving license – It isn’t expensive and it takes up to 2 days.
  • Passport
  • No deposit at all. No credit cards. You pay a rental price and insurance for any accidents included (Honestly, I crashed the bike and they did not say anything).
  • Suncream and raincoat – it can be very hot and it can rain a lot.

You can rent 125cc for 300$ (10$ US dollars) for 24 hours, 155cc for 400$ and so on. You can find a rental place in Taichung.

How to go around Taiwan in a short period

The first day a.k.a. “Hot and Cold”

As I mentioned from the beginning, we drove approximately 1800 km in total and we’d started from a city called Taichung headed to Yilan (270 Km).

Driving above the jungle in Taiwan on the way to Yilan city.
The picture was taken after visiting Kuhua Pond Waterfall.

Our first ride from Taichung to Yilan was pretty exhausting. It was the longest and uncomfortable most of the way, but the view of the mountains was pretty cool (Cool as cold in the mountain). We’d managed only a few things to see: Kuhua Pond Waterfall and Nanyhuang Old Street.

There is a link for the planned road (Taichung to Yilan).

If you have extra time, you can also visit those places: Ronghua Dam, Yixing Suspension bridge, Xiaowulai Falls, Baling (Youling Falls, Shuangfeng Waterfall) Natural Hot springs, Kavalan Brewery.

When we arrived at Yilan, we slept in Hsing Tsuan Inn, in 1 room with three beds (pretty comfortable – 5:13 in the video) for TWD 2100 (70$ US).

The second day or “the road like from Lord of the Rings”

I don’t want to use the word “Amazing, Gorgeous” so often, but it’s true. I’d personally enjoyed the road from Yilan to Renai Township (160 km) a lot, even when the road was bumpy and we’d got lost for an hour (we recommend a map).

The round between Yilan to Renai Township, which is not suitable for motorbikes. Many stones and lumber.
The very suitable road for scooters, don’t you think? (7:37 in the video)

We were on the road 6-7 hours and we didn’t stop almost anywhere, except at 7-11, our favorite fast food, Watermelon farm, and Lanyang Museum.

Green mountains with blue sky, white clouds at the background, and green grass at the front (Taiwan's landscape).
The best viewpoint for a toilet! Don’t you think? (7:01 in the video)

If you have time on the road, you can try those destinations: Waiao Beach, Jim & dad’s brewery, Wuling farm, and Cingjing farm.

There is a link for the planned road Yilan to Renai Township (160 km).

We slept at Cingjing Hanging Garden & Resort (Renai Township) – 2 double beds & 2 single beds, 2-floor bungalow and the breakfast included for TWD 4900 (164$ US).

The most beautiful third day at Hehuanshan (3,416 m) with a hot bath

That day was really cool, the beginning of the day was like a fairytale at Renai Township without tourists. We had a great breakfast and then we continued to one of the highest mountain Hehuanshan (3,416 m), then through an unusual road surrounded by rocks, had a bath in hot springs to the final destination Hualien City.

Beautiful mountain, blue morning sky at Yilan City and mill house. Surrounded by grass.
If you wake up early (7 am), go over the fence, you won’t see the tourists. Beautiful morning at Yilan City.
On the top of the mountain Hehuanshan, there is old cable car ruins.
If you do not follow all the tourists, going up the mountain Hehuanshan, you can see old cable car ruins. (10:03 in the video)

On the way to Hualien, you should also visit those destinations: Blue Giant Tree, Lushui Wenshan Trail, Baiyang Trail, Xiangde Temple, Tunnel of Nine Turns, Changchun Shrine, Qingshui Cliffs and Dongdamen Night Market.

There is a link for the planned road from Renai to Hualien.

The most beautiful way between mountains, covered by rocks on the way Zhongbu cross-island highway.
You should not miss that part of Taiwan, a beautiful road (Zhongbu cross-island highway) which is always used for postcards.

When we arrived at Hualien City, we slept at Phoenix Hostel, 2 rooms, 5 beds and breakfast for TWD 1900 (63$ US).

Easy ride the fourth day with a lazy hike and sea wind in the air

We slept like babies (I did, my Irish friends partied a lot) and we went for the hike in the morning (Hiking Old Zhuilu), you could see rocks, kind of Amazon forest and then we continued to Taitung City (170 Km) by the cost.

A view at Taiwan's mountain and nature (Forest and lots of green)
You could hear birds chirping (Old Zhuilu trail)
The entrance of Taroko National Park (it shows beautiful mountain, white clouds and Arch gate)
The picture shows all the mountains by the river Liwu. This is the entrance of Taroko National Park.

We had a pretty chill road, no elevation, just the sea without many stops. But we’d also visited: Jiqi Beach, Baxiandong Archaeological Site and Tropic of Cancer marker.

Those places we had missed: Sanxiantai Bridge (we could have gone there, but the wind was strong (Typhoon had come) so the police closed the entry), Dulan surf village and Taitung Old Street.

Beautiful green and simple road by the Philippine sea.
We had this view almost all the time. I might say, it’s a fabulous and clean road.

There is a link for the planned road from Hualien City to Taitung City.

When we arrived, we had accommodation at Genuinn, 2 twin rooms, 1 single room for TWD 2550 (87$ US).

The fifth day when we finally faced rain and hitchhikers

I was wondering after 5 days how is it possible that there is no rain. That day we experienced it. On the way from Taitung to Kenting (130 km), we visited also Taiwan Southernmost Point and National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium.

Nothing really special happened that day, but the beach clean and beautiful!

Now I remember what’d happened, I crashed my scooter a bit, but it’s not a very useful message for you… (Insurance is really important!!!)

You can see Taiwanese man who is resting by the road laying on his scooter...
When you have to, you have to!! (14:05 in the video)

When you have time and good weather you can go to Xuhai Grassland Trail, Alangyi historic trail, Feng Chui Sha Cliffs and Kenting Night Market.

There is the planned road from Taitung to Kenting.

When we arrived at Kenting, we slept at Dajenshan Chalet, Private Cabin, 4 double beds, 1 sofa for TWD 3200 (106$ US).

The sixth day we met a big Buddha with the Typhoon right behind us.

It was also another funny day when we began our journey from Kenting to Chaiyi (250 km). It was an uncomfortable way because we experienced a little Typhoon, my friend slipped with his bike but we’d survived anyway.

We’d managed to see only Luigi Buddha, we didn’t have lots of power and the weather sucked.

A little kid is pointing his finger at mother who is feeding her grandmother.
You can see two perspectives of view at the mother who is feeding “maybe her grandmother” and trying to help or get jealous (I think that they were very smart when they were building the statue)

If you have time and good weather, visit those places: Tiantai Mountain temple, Shiba Luohan Mountain and Zengwen Reservoir.

Two guys (Lubomir and Darren Mc Quaid) posing in front of the mirror.
You might have a picture of us. Darren was a bit annoyed after a long journey and a pack of nuts that someone had left it on his bike. (he thought it was mine, but it wasn’t). 16:02 in the video.

There is a link for the planned journey from Kenting to Chaiyi.

When we arrived at Chaiyi, we slept at Back Home Hotel, 2 Twin rooms & 1 single room, buffet breakfast (I didn’t like it at all) for TWD 2850 (95$ US).

The cable car took us to the last day of the Taiwanese trip

The last day was better, from Chaiyi to Taichung (240 Km), we visited places like Sun Moon Lake (Cable car and tasting traditional sweets) and interesting Buddhist temples.

You can find the longest suspension bridge on the way to Taichung, but honestly, it was nothing special.

If you have time (Don’t be speedy like us), check those places: Fenqihu Village, Alishan National Park, Dong Pu scenic area, National Taiwanese Hill tribe and Xiannu Waterfall.

There is a link for the planned way from Chaiyi to Taichung.

Lubomir and Darren Mc Quaid posing for a picture.
I know that Social media are everywhere even I have a few of them! Bye-bye
My burned feet from 8 days on the scooter.
Learn from my mistake! Use suncream!

I hope that you found what you were looking for (I did not plan the journey, Darren’s brother Alex did), God bless him! Enjoy your journey!