The goal of this article: Persuade people to go there and share this article (They do not have any Social media)

If you are looking for a place which you can support and have a good relaxing massage time, and you are in Hue right now, visit the place called “Hội người mù tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế.” If you translate it into English it’s “Blind association in Hue province.” It is a NGO,Non Government Organisation, which is a school with abandoned blind kids or poor kids which their parents couldn’t offer them the education and help they need. The setting for this school is a blind massage center.

Blind massage in Hue City

Blind kids of Blind Association in Hue province

Use Google maps to easily find the blind massage center:

180/1 Phan Bội Châu- TP.Huế- tỉnh TT-Huế

Video of the most interesting and emotional place in Hue

Before you continue reading this article, have a look at my experience in the video of me having a massage and talking to the president “Le Van Loc” about the history of the place. When you finish the video, you should definitely go there and tip them double as the money is for a good cause and the prices are so cheap!

Which kind of massage you get from blind people

I will use one word “Brilliant!” Why? Because they press a lot especially towards men. It is pain (“no pain no gain right?”) but it is worth it. Try it. I have tried a full body massage and a cupping massage and it was extremely cheap and helpful! So if you are a backpacker and on a budget, you are in the right spot!

There is a list of services offered here and what the rates are:

  • Face massage – 30 000 VND – 30 mins
  • Belly massage – 50 000 VND – 30 mins
  • Foot massage – 50 000 VND – 30 mins
  • Body massage – 70 000 VND – 60 mins
  • Body massage – 100 000 VND – 90 mins
  • Massage at home – 80 000 VND – 60 mins
  • Sauna – Eastern medicine –  935 000 VND – 40 mins
  • Cupping massage – 20 000 VND – 10 mins

By the way, $1 is 23,255 VND…

Imagine, it’s a WIN-WIN for both sides! It’s cheap, relaxing and you help a good cause, right?

Again, if you travel through Hue, you must have a blind massage!

I love getting massages but who doesn’t right? But I haven’t still experienced all of the massages here. Such a shame Lubomir!

Why I recorded the video about Blind kids/people

You might wonder why I recorded the video about it, right? I’ve always wanted to use my marketing experience to do good for someone or something else. And here I was, I was lucky to meet a beautiful and lovely person ,Lucy Tran from Vietnam, and as she told me about the place and I immediately took action.

Experience during shooting the video with Blind kids/people

The date of the first shooting – 10 of August – Friday – 2 pm.

Straight away we went there and did the interview with the friendly president Le Van Loc and the staff of the center. We were a bit unlucky because there were no children. It was during the summer and the kids had had a holiday. So that time I known that I had to go there again and meet the children.

We are talking with Le Van Loc about Blind association in Hue province

There was no cameraman, only stand tripod which got broken after a few days later. RIP, you did a good job!

Most of the footage which we did that day, we couldn’t use in the video because of the low quality of the audio. I could have brought a microphone which would have been more helpful than an iPhone8. It wasn’t only the iPhone8’s fault. Lucy was shy before the camera so she didn’t speak louder, but I (always) did!

We learn from the mistakes right? So that time I learned how to make a voice over.

The date of the second shooting – 15 of October – Monday – 1 pm.

We finally met the children (we also had a microphone) and were surprised at how educated they are. By the way, I wasn’t alone, I had two cameramen which helped me to shoot the right moments. It would have been difficult to record myself during the cupping massage because I could not move at all! I was totally frozen and every move I tried to make, hurt…

I couldn't movie during cupping massage

Trust me, I didn’t want to move at all. If you are thinking about having a tattoo, go for cupping massage! It’s the 28 of October and I have still marks on my back.

Darren Mc Quaid smiling face in Blind massage Hue center

Darren Mc Quaid (Cinematographer) who gave me very good tips for editing. He is the funny guy 🙂

Back to their education. I was totally shocked by “Mary” who works as a blind masseur and speak fluent English. I might say that she has better pronunciation than I have. She showed up in the middle of the last day of shooting when I had a speech about why people should go there and have a message.

Why people should go and have a massage

In the end, I tried to express why people should go there and have a blind massage. It wasn’t really clear from my side because I had one shot to say it (it is not an excuse but it’s good to say). Kids were nervous behind me. They didn’t know what was going on and my goal was to persuade people to not even go there and have a massage, but also donate! I just mention that The Blind Massage Center was paid for over 2,800 eye surgeries.

I was talking about why people should go to Blind center and have a massage

A good atmosphere with these little once and Mary. Mary and I, were only one who knew what was happening.

How to donate and help kids at the Blind association in Hue province

It is not “just,” it is quite a lot, don’t you think? But what I always say, it’s never enough (My Ego might say it)!

They’ve gone through many eye surgeries in the last 12 years. How did they earn money to offer it? They worked hard but for the money from their jobs, but it wasn’t enough. There were other people, an organisation who helped them out. By the way, hospitality in Asia is very expensive. “If there is hospitality” sad story, but based on the truth.

When people hear the word “donate”, they always think “money” and then they run away.

When it comes to Eye surgeries, of course, people need to donate money. But the kids/center itself might need something else. In the video I mentioned that people had helped with delivering computers all the way from Japan, the whole building was built thanks to French people and the walls were built by asking local people. Even Lucy and her mom, when they are in the town, they cook food and collect money for the kids. I didn’t even talk about attention which is provided by the amazing nurses in the center.

What the writer wants to say; wherever you are from and whatever you have, you can always help!

If you want to donate money for Eye surgery’s or to help with their education, contact their management via email:

  • Email:
  • Telephone number: 0234 3823 187

I would recommend email or mobile if you have a native speaker with you.

Slogan” Tất cả vì hạnh phúc của Người Mù”
( Tiếng Anh:” For the happiness of the Blind”)

Other donation are also welcomed. Please don’t donate your kidney, not helpful at all.

She made me almost cry

Back to Mary. It was so nice to hear how full of life she is, not letting her disability hold her back. She showed me an amazing example of learning English via Voice over. There are people out there who complain about their English. She doesn’t complain she has found the way out.

It was the interview with an amazing Merry who speaks English better than I do

Generally, these blind adult/kids are happy. They don’t need a lot. I asked what their dreams are. Someone of had them told me; there are no dreams or have a happy family. They are having a normal ordinary life. They work hard (“during a massage, they were joking like little kids”) and go home to their children.

Yes, they have children!

At the end of the interview, Mary made me almost cry. This moment I was conscious of my mission. Show the world what they need to see. There are hidden places, interesting people or things which can motivate other people to live and appreciate life more.

Someone needs to do it :). Ah, I always like to go deep! But who cares, it’s my blog!

Lubomir Novohradsky and Bảo Phước are holding Blind kids

Bảo Phước who helped with shooting the best parts of the video. He helped with editing as well. He is Young Padawan in Love & Peace Production.

Darren is scratching his ass

The best shoot of the whole video. Don’t you think?

Different places in Hue where to get a massage

I have tried a couple of places in Hue and there were let’s fine. The first experience of going for a massage in Asia (Hue City), it almost ended up with “happy ending“. Why? I went into a strange building, I paid the fee about 150 000 VND at the beginning at the entrance, then I went upstairs into a shady room and there was an old lady who tried to seduce me for 1,000,000 VND. An interesting first experience so be careful where you go or “where you want to go”.

These are the addresses of the better places which I have gone to:

  • Kim’s Spa – 83 Nguyễn Sinh Cung, Vỹ Dạ, Thành phố Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế
  • – she does an amazing massage but a bit expensive – 400 000 VND. She is more therapeutic masseur.