Are you looking for reliable video production in Czech republic which can provide you with quality video content? You are on the right website. Whatever it comes to entertaining, marketing, wedding, selling, events occasions, documents, movies, showing any products, people or animals. We are willing to create your idea!

If you are big or small client, don’t hesitate and contact us directly.

What is our video portfolio

Before you go to the action with us, it makes sense to know what we have already created for other clients. Let’s say there are few exciting projects out of 3 years of our productions:

Video for Vietnamese government

We recorded it Vietnam for the government purpose. We tried to show people that using plastic bags can be harmful to the global environment. We were quite successful. The video reached more than 100k viewers on Facebook.

Product video for Asian caviar

There was an idea to show something interesting to European people about Asian Caviar. (Expensiveness and healthy benefits)

Video document for International Yoga Festival in India

We don’t only aim for little video projects but also for big festivals. The video was made to attract other people from Europe to participate in another International Yoga year! Client:

We create also videoclips

If you are a band or solo singer, you can check also how to make an amazing video clip. The funny thing about this video clip is that we didn’t really plan it. It wasn’t the client’s idea, only mine and their excellent music skills.

How do we work?

Not only that we want to create such applicable video content for our customer, but we also add something more than that. We focus on every detail, and every second must be entertaining or showing the idea behind.

The more we give the more we get!

We get an offer; we discuss details for whom we film it and how much juice we get (the budget). When its everything ready, we go and roll!

You can see two gentlemen on the screen talking about Bird's Nest. One of them is the owner of the Bird's Nest and the second one is Lubomir.
Picture behind the scene of using special recording equipment.

Is video production expensive?

Many clients like to talk about the high price of video production. Why? Because they might think that it’s not such a big deal. When you press the button play, the video, which has 4 minutes, is already finished. It seems like no work behind. Trust me; I used to say the same before but I had rapidly changed the opinion!

Video production is expensive but does not have to be all the time. It always comes to the budget of the client and his/her vision. It can be less costly with still good quality of the video, but you need to know how to do it.

What makes making video valuable

Why is the value of making videos so high? Because the editing part takes a long time, you must be patient and brave to record interesting scenes (risking is useful in video making) and the video equipment is not really cheap. We don’t want to warn you but just educate you about what we exactly do with your investment.

It is always important how good the quality of the video you desire. Do you like animation and effects? Yes, it will be expensive for sure. But if you don’t require that, you don’t have to pay a lot. The price also matters to impressive scenes and occasions of the video content (Wedding, Birthday video, documents, advertisements, etc..).

If you give us your budget and an idea you have, we can come up with Win-win deal!

What kind of camera we use

We use a special camera which can handle cinematic video. The camera is called the Blackmagic Pocket camera 4k. We can really show the special magic of the moment and show it on the screen. We also use other cameras like GoPro for action clips or Nikon D7500. When we want to capture a beautiful scene from the sky, we use Phantom 4.

You can see professional lights behind the scene which we use for better lighting while we are recording a video.
The lights are always useful for creating a clean screen and reducing the noise!

Contact us

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  • Address: Kounická 62, Praha 10
  • Company name: Zábavnámedia limited (Zábavnámedia s. r. o.)
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