If you are going to have the most important day of your life, I am sure you will need someone to capture it grandiosely! The person should have a sense of perfection (storytelling) and experiences with the camera.

How I can help you with the wedding

There are two main options of how usually any cameramen capture a wedding. The first is that the bride or bridegroom has specific scenes in the mind which they want to capture, and the cameramen will follow it.

The second one is that the cameramen will check a plan for the wedding and, according to that, he will create a beautiful video (and of course, memorable and sharable!)

Bridegroom is holding his bride and posing for the wedding picture.

I am just giving you little tips how it works and how I work with a client.

It might sound simple to record a wedding video, right? But it’s not simple because it’s usually happening once a life (I haven’t met my wedding clients two times in the row – It doesn’t mean I am not good, but you know…) and you have to play a role of an important person on the wedding who is ready to create such unforgettable moment for the client!

Two ways how to record wedding video

I like to give two options to clients when it comes to recording a wedding video:

Short wedding video for a wider audience

The first option is the short wedding video between 2-4 mins (even less). It’s usually used for a wider audience (social media, Instagram etc.). When it’s done, the client can share it with everyone and the private moments are not visible. All the details are always discussed with the client. Check the following work:

I can say that it was a terrific wedding, don’t you think so?

Basically, there are seen all the essential parts of the wedding like dressing of the bride and bridegroom, wedding ceremony, lunch, and after-party. The wedding video also has a beautiful song in the background (Which song can be discussed with the client). I like also to add the first dance of a newly married couple!

There is always place for creation and make viewers nostalgic

Longer wedding video (The Whole story telling)

I like this video the most! Why? It can capture the beautiful moment of the client. The client can always check the video after a long time and have the full experience recorded.

What is the price of a wedding video?

In Czechia, you can find out that the average price for a wedding video can be from 15 000 Kč to 30 000 Kč. It always depends on how entertaining video has to be and how long it should be.

What do I mean by entertaining wedding video?

As I mentioned above, if a client has a plan (it means what exactly he wants in the video), the wedding is more comfortable to be captured. So a cameraman checks a program, and he/she can calculate what the price can be.

A bride is holding a wedding flower (wedding time)!
Close up of beautiful floral wedding bouquet

When I talk to clients, I usually ask for a budget, and then we will talk about the finale price. But when I edit, I put the work into it, which means I need to be motivated as well because I know my price!

Photo shooting for your wedding as a gift!

There is also an option. I am able to shoot your wedding as well. It does not mean that I will do everything, but my coworker can do the work for you. Why? Making a video and taking pictures is kind of the same. You need a sense for the detail, and you need to like people and their happiness.

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