Video from Art and Dance Yoga festival in Thailand 2018

Before you start reading this article, you should check my experiential video from there. At least, you will see why I am so excited about Yoga!

The place where I did Yoga and recorded the video

The beach where I had so much fun is called: Ao Nang Beach.

The cost of the trip

  • $650 for the ticket to the Yoga festival.
  • $350 for the flight tickets from Vietnam (Da Nang City – Bangkok – Krabi Airport and included the return ticket to Vietnam).
  • $100 spent it on entertainment and food

I paid $40 for the trip to islands called – Ko Poda, Ko Po Da Nok and other small islands around.

Its up to you how much you spend. But you don’t have so much time for spending because you practice a lot and you will usually get cheap food inside the festival. One meal (Pad Thai which is a famous food in Thailand) you spend approximately $2 which is nothing.

The music for the video clip

I met an amazing band which is called BATHALA NA and I used their song in the first part of the video – 00:00 until 2.54 as the intro. The name of the song is Give me one reason by Tracey Chapman (original singer).

Interview with Young Ho Kim – I used the teacher’s song called Beyond (3:44 – 6:18) from singer Leon Bridges (Album – Good Thing)-

Interview with Nareen Nyathi – I used the song from Album Ghoomar. (9:30 – 12:30).

The last song which I used for the ending was from Daphne Tse.(12:30 until the end).

If you want to make your video shiny, add a great music!

Why I decided to take a part of such Yoga occasion

It was a random decision which showed up like a good experience (Anyway, random decisions are the best, right?). I moved to Vietnam from Malta adventure 6 months ago. There I met my Yoga teacher guru who told me about the festival. I don’t usually attend any festival because I have always better things to do (Now I know, I should be more open to these kinds of occasions).

This time I said myself, “Why not”I am in Vietnam and I need to travel!

The best sport experience in my life

So I picked some Vietnamese chicks (Yoga teachers) and we went to Krabi! Apart from the beautiful nature which I didn’t expect it, everything went brilliantly. There were many nationalities divided by Yoga teacher groups. Teachers from all around the world represented their own country by groups and between them, there was “a small curious runner” from the Czech Republic who was enthusiastically recording everything.

Of course, I am talking about myself but I could not catch all the great moments. I wish I’d had a cameraman with me (If you want, you can join me next occasion – write to me!) Back to the topic, I wanted to enjoy the yoga classes myself and trust me, I had a lot to choose from.

If you want, you can join me next occasion – write to me!

8 classes every day and I cried

Yes. It was my thing! I could not decide which class to take the first. If I have many options in front of me, I have a problem to decide. This time I was running from one class to another. There were 8 classes everyday so I was taking 4 of them. It was kind of exhausted, participating and recording together. But I had to choose. So I aimed for Inside Flow, Japanese Yoga, Inversion Yoga, and Massage classes. It was so relaxing, especially Massage classes and Japanese Yoga.

One interesting thing which happened to me during the Yoga class:

I cried, I laughed and I was so happy. Why? Because the Yoga class was combined with Music from Daphne Tse and teacher of the class was Japanese guru. I don’t why but my emotions just exploded at the end of his class. From the beginning, I was hiding it but after, I just said f..cked, I let it go. That moment I will never forget! Since then, I had decided to seek these kinds of events which help me to feel better.

I don’t want to write a long paragraph about the classes, because it will not give you the exact experience. The best thing is to just go and try!

After the festival, I felt so fresh, no thinking about anything, just me at the present.

People over there made the event spicy

I generally like people, especially if I meet people who are full of energy and with positive vibes. Open minded people who were happy to let me interview them. I felt good, because it was my dream (Not a dream, a goal! I knew that it will happen) to interview an important people who can bring adding value to other people and Of course, me!

By the way guys!  A woman over there! Oh, sexy a lot! But, there were not many man around, why? I don’t understand.

Young Ho Kim – the guy who invented InsideFlow

Victor Chau – Teacher of Inversion Yoga

Nareen Nyathi – Bollywood Dance choreographer

Recording of Yoga Festival was not easy at all but not difficult!