A fascinating experience of Holi Festival in Rishikesh. I would say that whole India had a great colorful and positive time on 21 March 2019. I can compare that day to Czech Easter!

People got crazy, they were throwing colors to each other, hugging and wishing Happy Holi. Have a look at the video:

Cool video and so much fun!

What is behind the Holi Festival in India

People celebrate the Holi Festival as an opening of spring and the end of the winter. They say that it’s a time of love, happiness, and forgiveness to everyone.

Happy people with a lot of colors
You can see plenty of emotions right? It was the beginning of the Holi Festival (Morning time)

My Indian friend told me that even a bad relationship with your friend turns into the positive one. Why? During one day and one night, people can visit each other and even visit people which they do not like and wish them all the best. They wish each other “Happy Holi,” pour water and put colors all over the body and they start their relationship from the beginning.

Everyone was celebrating Holi Festival 2019 in Rishikesh (Even disable people)
Everyone was celebrating the festival. Even people who might not have a hope in their life.

People come back to their families from all over India to celebrate together. You don’t see any violence, just party and positive energy!

There you can see an old woman selling colors for the festival
If you do not know what you will do in your retirement, that lady will give you a clue.

How the Holi day/night looked like

The day before the Holi Festival, people made a big fire ship and went parting by the river Ganga in Rishikesh. I also saw the Indian people drinking alcohol. It’s very rare because Alcohol is forbidden in Rishikesh and it’s difficult to find it. They even made an interesting performance where actresses showed the legend behind the Holi Festival.

People were enjoying Happy Holi Festival 2019
An amazing moment don’t you think so?
Evening performance during Holi Festival 2019 in Rishikesh
Great performance by three little men with a huge heart

If you have a chance to go to India during Holi Festival, you should definitely participate. It was really fun!