When you land at Haridwar City, you will be shocked. Why? Plenty of Indian people are coming from all around India to dip in river Ganga. Why? They say; if you dip in, you will be lucky all year long.

Apart from a huge river swimming pool, you can find such delicious fresh Indian Food which you must taste it, and I cannot leave it without any notes about it! Btw, close be Haridwar city, you can visit famous yogin place called Rishikesh.

Indian people are washing their foots in the river Ganga
People are enjoying beautiful weather among with fresh water!
Crowded swimming place by the river ganga at Haridwar City
Please don’t be worried, there is also place for you :).

Swimming in river Ganga at Haridwar City – Vlog video

What you can see at Haridwar for a short period

The most visited and interesting attractions are; swimming in river Ganga, local market with many Indian shops, and Mansa Devi Temple. I’d experienced the places in one day and I had so much fun! The Haridwar city is a pretty attraction itself.

You can see many people living on the street and selling their goods or services. If you are visiting in the summer, you can get tasty and cheap ice cream. You can catch up a very frequent and crewed city with for example horse wagons.

Busy city center of Haridwar City where are whorse wagons (Beautiful weather and so much people and tuc tucs around.
They can still manage public transport easily without any accidents. 🙂
Sometimes you can find a cow eating from the bin. Cows are hallowed in India, especially in Haridwar City.
Did you know that cows are hallowed in India?

Extraordinary eating habit and special Indian food

What I’ve learned from eating Indian food is that they say, if you eat food by the fingers, you will more enjoy the food. Why? It might sound crazy, touch via your fingers among with the taste and smell, add in Indian culture better-eating experience. It also helps with recognising the temperature of the food, which is useful for avoiding burning your tongue.

Crazy information, right? Eating by fingers, but it’s kind of true. When I eat by hands, I enjoy food more. You might agree with that because it’s more comfortable and “handy.” On the other hand, if my parents see me eating with hands at the luxury or any restaurant, they will pretend that they don’t know me.

Indian people are eating on the ground with their hands.
We went to a place where Indian people got food for free, and they were eating altogether. You can call it canteen.

How to correctly eat Indian food

You rarely find a knife on the Indian table. Their portions of food are prepared to be of bite-size. They fold the food (Roti, Naan) into a little pocket to scoop it and mix with other sauce. It becomes like a spun but you don’t have spun. If you find bigger pieces like a leg of chicken, don’t be shame and eat it by your fingers.

I remember that my friend tried to teach me how to like an Indian person eat their food properly. He didn’t succeed, and after while he gave up because you need some experience to eat like one of them.

Two Indian chefs at the ordinary kitchen are preparing Indian dish.
Interesting kitchen, right?

He was irritated of seeing me eating the food incorrectly. Maybe it was his problem or dinning is kind of strict in their culture, so be careful (I am sure that they are fine, it’s only the experience).

Masala dosa is my favorit dish

Be honest, Masala dosa has an incredible simple crispy taste and it’s so cheap. It’s nicely aromatic and every household in South of India eat it for breakfast. You can get addicted to this food.

It’s made from fermented rice and lentil batter. Inside of dosa, there is a potato masala or spiced seasoned potatoes. You also get delicious sweet or spicy sauces on the side. When you soak Masala dosa into the sauce, you won’t stop eating.

The typical way how Indian people prepare Masala dosa.  You can see the cooker, pastry and potatoes (all-important ingredients).
Pastry are almost ready for typical Masala Dosa!

I think that Indian housewife will cook it quickly and easily, but for you, it shouldn’t be also a big problem. I found an easy recipe for Masala Dosa. If you don’t prefer cooking, find the closest Indian restaurant and enjoy!

Eating spicy potatoes and sweet Jalebi at Mansa Devi Temple

You might say that it isn’t healthy because it is soaked in oil, but if you like potatoes, it will be your favourite and very cheap dish. I am talking about Pakoda. It’s a cooked lump of potato and it includes onion, chilli Gram flour and other spices. It’s a snack and you can also find it in western culture.

Then I was very impressed with the sweet food called Jalebi. You can compare it to sweet pretzel but it isn’t really the type of my taste. They soaked it in sugar syrup and it’s a favourite dish all over South Asia and the Middle east.

All the dishes you can find it at the top of the mountain in Mansa Devi Temple (Haridwar City).

Counter full of Indian sweets.
If you like sweets, you won’t suffer in India. You can find it almost everywhere and it’s healthy without any chemicals.