I’ve had the honor to take pictures of Sandeep Desai who is a master of Yoga (Ashtanga flow), Martial arts (Tai Chi). We’ve done a photo shoot in Mumbai for two days and it was a great experience from the perspective of a photographer (Young Padawan – me) and well-known teacher Sandeep.

We took almost 400 pictures of Ashtanga Flow with teacher Sandeep Desai
We took approximately 400 pictures of whole Ashtanga Yoga sequence!

The goal of photo shooting was to capture all the asanas of Ashtanga flow which are Surya Namaskara A, Surya Namaskara B, Standing Sequence and Seated Sequence.

The teacher had to show 90 yoga asanas and hold it for a few seconds! The whole shooting took 3 hours. How he managed, I have no clue, but it was fascinating in the age of 55!

Another goal was launching my new carrier as a professional photographer traveling around the world and capturing the great moments (In that case, People).

So what do you think, I succeed?

You can see Sandeep Desai from Mumbai showing Tai Chi pose
Sandeep Desai – posting for Tai Chi movement.
It is Garba Pindasana which a pose of Ashtanga Flow
An astounding Yoga pose called “Garba Pindasana”

How I enjoyed taking pictures for someone else

I’ve finally started doing a job which I really enjoy. Why do I say the job? The job is meaning for something you put your offer in and you get a certain value in exchange. For this case, I’ve been invited by the teacher to Mumbai from Rishikesh with every expanse paid (Fly tickets, Accommodation, food etc) for being a photographer.

I’ve always thought that the joy or whatever is simple and clear from your perspective, it should be shared for free.

Another outstanding asana by Sandeep Desai in Astanga flow
55 year old and he does an amazing posters! Right?

I felt so great. I’ve got the opportunity to show what my skills really are. Someone can say; it’s just clicking the button, but trust me, it’s plenty of job in order to satisfy someone’s longtime needs. Why “Longtime needs”?

Meditating asana called Ardha Padmasana
A name of the asana (pose) is Ardha Padmasana. As you can see the crossing legs can be quite difficult to manage it.

What was a reason for taking important pictures

The teacher wants to use the pictures for a book and guiding flyers which help other students improve their alignment. Pretty cool, right? I might say that I could have been a bit nervous, but I wasn’t. Because I know my strength and it’s capturing the beauty of everything. I am not saying that there were no problems during photo shooting, but we managed it anyway with available tools, experience and place.

Outstanding asana called Baddha Padmasana shown by Yoga Teacher Sandeep Desai
It’s called Baddha Padmasana. Would you be able to do it as well?

Why I have become “Professional photographer”

I cannot say that I am the professional one because I have not done 100 photo shooting yet, but I can say the photographer for sure! There were few people who have already told me that I could have sold some pictures of mine.

Mumbai beach and disable person who does not have two legs and he is able to manage handstand
1th Pic – Disable person who lost his legs during a car accident was full of life and inspiration!

It’s also a tough job which requires the time and concentration. If someone ever needs any pictures from me, I need to be paid in order to be present and delivery the best!

The amazing city called Mumbai in India
Mumbai – one of the biggest city in India! This is the 2nd picture which people like it and wanted to buy it.